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About the Book

The Journey Through the Pearly Gates: A Practical Guide for the Traveler Based on Near-Death Experience Research


Where do we go when we die? This question has haunted us since the dawn of humanity. We've hunted for the answer everywhere, but it may have been right in front of us all along.

All over the world, people have near-death experiences and come back changed and enlightened by what they see and feel. Researchers have compiled decades of data from thousands of these travelers. Now, The Journey Through the Pearly Gates draws on this research to answer our questions about the unknown.

In addition to outlining phenomena surrounding the exit transition, The Journey Through the Pearly Gates identifies nine lessons learned that can make a tangible difference in how the exit transition is experienced-increasing the overall gracefulness of the transition and reducing some distressing aspects reported in the research. The book explores each lesson learned, and presents readers with true stories and other documented evidence.

The purpose of The Journey Through the Pearly Gates is to take some of the unknown out of this exit transition so that it can be seen for what it is and faced with preparedness and without fear. Take the first step by opening your heart and mind to the truth about the life after this one.

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