Love Life 101
Love Life 101...
grasping the bigger picture.

To The Parents of Lillian

An old soul - who already has a personality, who has lived many lifetimes, and who has many blessings to give to this world and many lessons to learn from it - has carefully chosen you as her parents to help her get a loving, guided launch on this new adventure we know as life. For reasons that you'll spend the rest of your lives figuring out, you are the perfect choice for her.

You've known this soul in different ways in past lifetimes. Perhaps she was a mother to you in one, a brother in another or perhaps even an adversary of some sort in yet another. But now all of that has been wiped by God's hand from conscious memory and you have a fresh start to grow, to learn, to give and to receive. Through the process, you will come to know more about who you truly are and how you can be an extension of God's love to this world, to each other and to this wonderful new addition to your budding family.

Enjoy these times and do your best. God knows you are not perfect and are learning too. It's accounted for in the system. Always keep your intent in the right place and use the resources God has made available to you. Ask for God's help and guidance constantly so that you may stay consciously on track as the extension of God's love that you are.

Enjoy the easy times, the fun times and the challenges too. It's all part of the school of life and it will go by all too fast. Treasure every moment. Treasure and help each other, for you are a team as parents, but also have your own unique challenges and opportunities as individuals.

Most of all, be a channel of God's blessings to this new, old soul - now known as Lillian. All three of you, and any more to come, will be blessed beyond measure.

May God's light and love be with you always.

Daniel Flynn